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152 Tag draft 3, somehow we missed 2 drecordon 4394d 23h 14m /assertion_quality_extension/
151 s/November/December/ drecordon 4394d 23h 18m /assertion_quality_extension/
149 Changes to remove non UTF-8 characters. Now compiles properly. aglasser 4396d 14h 14m /assertion_quality_extension/
146 Typo correction in response parameters. aglasser 4398d 09h 50m /assertion_quality_extension/
145 Changed "captcha" to "liveness" aglasser 4398d 09h 53m /assertion_quality_extension/
140 AGlasser - Updates to include functionality for multi-factor authentication aglasser 4398d 21h 24m /assertion_quality_extension/
125 Tag Draft 1 drecordon 4401d 07h 43m /assertion_quality_extension/
124 Add the OpenID Assertion Quality Extension by Avery Glasser, Paul Madsen, and myself drecordon 4401d 07h 44m /assertion_quality_extension/