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392 Tag Final. drecordon 4211d 07h 36m /attribute_exchange/
390 Update for Final. drecordon 4211d 07h 49m /attribute_exchange/
388 Tagged OpenID Attribute Exchange, Implementor's Draft 08. jbufu 4232d 04h 55m /attribute_exchange/
387 Updated HTML / TXT documents. jbufu 4232d 04h 56m /attribute_exchange/
386 Marked as "Implementor's draft" jbufu 4232d 04h 57m /attribute_exchange/
385 Checking in HTML / TXT renderings of AX draft 8. jbufu 4232d 05h 00m /attribute_exchange/
384 Updated to draft 08 / november 2007. jbufu 4232d 05h 05m /attribute_exchange/
383 Rephrased Mark Wahl's acknowledgement, since attribute encoding are no longer specified by AX. jbufu 4232d 05h 08m /attribute_exchange/
382 Removed not about AX namespace changing in following drafts. jbufu 4232d 05h 17m /attribute_exchange/
381 Updated reference to core protocol from draft 11 to draft 12 jbufu 4232d 05h 24m /attribute_exchange/
371 openid.return_to is required in auth responses; MUST be set to the value of update_url with fetch response updates. jbufu 4255d 07h 03m /attribute_exchange/
360 Specification for count.alias misplaced; moved from store request to fetch request jbufu 4302d 04h 57m /attribute_exchange/
356 Tagged Attribute Exchange Draft 7 jbufu 4332d 04h 58m /attribute_exchange/
355 Updaetd html/txt versions jbufu 4332d 04h 59m /attribute_exchange/
354 Updated to draft 7 / Aug 2007 jbufu 4332d 05h 02m /attribute_exchange/
353 Rearranged / clarified how update_url should be handled jbufu 4332d 05h 03m /attribute_exchange/
343 Updated html/txt documents to the latest rev. jbufu 4359d 18h 15m /attribute_exchange/
342 Fixed fetch response example / missing attribute value / count=0 (thanks James Henstridge again!).
jbufu 4359d 18h 16m /attribute_exchange/
340 Uploading txt/html versions of the latest rev. jbufu 4364d 07h 28m /attribute_exchange/
339 Clarified that the subsequent messages sent to the update_url are fetch response + openid auth response. jbufu 4364d 07h 33m /attribute_exchange/

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