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397 RP may redirect, not the OP. Thanks Andrew Arnott <> for the catch! drecordon 3705d 07h 22m /authentication/
394 Fix typo s/HMAC-256/HMAC-SHA256/. Thanks! drecordon 3972d 07h 23m /authentication/
393 Fix typo s/HMAC-256/HMAC-SHA256/. Thanks! drecordon 3972d 07h 24m /authentication/
391 Tag Final. drecordon 3972d 08h 13m /authentication/
389 Update for Final. drecordon 3972d 08h 23m /authentication/
365 OP Endpoint URL can only be HTTP and HTTPS;
They handle all OpenID messages, not just auth requests.
jbufu 4051d 00h 21m /authentication/
364 Clarifying when the RP needs to perform discovery on the claimed_id in the response.
jbufu 4051d 00h 26m /authentication/
363 Fixed typos, thanks Peter Williams! jbufu 4055d 08h 14m /authentication/
359 Identifier recycling: specified that the fragment delimiter character "#" must be stripped off together with the fragment
(Thanks to Peter Williams:

Fixed typo: s/parry/party/, thanks Eran Hammer-Lahav.
jbufu 4070d 08h 10m /authentication/
358 Tag Implementors Draft 12 drecordon 4081d 10h 57m /authentication/
357 Fix the reference to RFC3339, thanks for pointing this out! drecordon 4090d 00h 55m /authentication/
352 Added brief note about the similarity of extension namespacing and XML. jbufu 4096d 07h 44m /authentication/
351 Fixed capitalization for 'URL Identifiers' jbufu 4096d 07h 55m /authentication/
350 Added 'Identifier Recycling' subsection to explain the intended use and reason for fragments in URL identifiers. jbufu 4096d 07h 57m /authentication/
349 Fix realm verification by using "www" instead of the return_to URL's domain. j3h 4097d 02h 39m /authentication/
348 Update for draft 12, August, and author annotation drecordon 4098d 20h 57m /authentication/
347 Added text about redirects when performing relying party verification j3h 4103d 02h 54m /authentication/
346 Displayed identifiers: reworded recommendation to allow RPs to decide what they want to display. jbufu 4104d 02h 18m /authentication/
345 Auth Requests/openid.identity: removed possibly confusing statement about fragments -- claimed_id already already has the fragment stripped. jbufu 4104d 02h 21m /authentication/
341 Identifier recycling using fragments.
jbufu 4120d 20h 10m /authentication/

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