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162 Fix reference to service key discovery drecordon 4550d 19h 52m /data_transfer/
161 Really tag Draft 3 now! drecordon 4550d 20h 00m /data_transfer/
160 More cleanup and add the dtd drecordon 4550d 20h 00m /data_transfer/
159 Commit this before I break it again! drecordon 4550d 20h 08m /data_transfer/
158 - Switch to utf-8
- Fix some capitalization
- Add full JanRain addresses
- etc
drecordon 4550d 20h 12m /data_transfer/
157 Kill the Draft 3 tag, it needs a little clean-up work first. :) drecordon 4550d 20h 18m /data_transfer/
156 Tag Draft 3 drecordon 4550d 20h 23m /data_transfer/
155 Remove the .txt and .html specs and check-in the .xml files for Grant and Carl drecordon 4550d 20h 24m /data_transfer/
150 Add the dtp specification to the repository. chowells 4552d 19h 47m /data_transfer/