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547 draft-jones-json-web-encryption-02 mbj 2596d 15h 00m /json_web_encryption/
535 draft-jones-json-web-encryption-01 mbj 2640d 18h 34m /json_web_encryption/
525 draft-jones-json-web-encryption-00 mbj 2695d 13h 29m /json_web_encryption/
500 JWE preliminary draft of 23-Jul-11 mbj 2740d 21h 25m /json_web_encryption/
499 draft-jones-json-web-encryption-00 preliminary 18-Jul-11 mbj 2745d 17h 55m /json_web_encryption/
498 First solid draft of JSON Web Encryption - 17-Jul-11 mbj 2745d 18h 06m /json_web_encryption/
466 draft-jones-json-web-encryption-00 28-Mar-11 mbj 2858d 08h 35m /json_web_encryption/
463 draft-jones-json-web-encryption-00 25-Mar-11 mbj 2860d 12h 43m /json_web_encryption/
458 Incomplete draft-jones-json-web-encryption-00 mbj 2861d 16h 22m /json_web_encryption/
457 json_web_encryption/1.0 mbj 2861d 20h 13m /json_web_encryption/
456 json_web_encryption mbj 2861d 20h 19m /json_web_encryption/