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414 PAPE v1.0 final mbj 3608d 17h 59m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
412 Hopefully last clarifications before 60 day review period, plus thanking Andrew Arnott (who implemented the spec and provided review comments based on his implementation experience). mbj 3679d 05h 46m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
411 OP MUST indicate that multi-factor was used when it indicates that multi-factor physical was used. (Formerly SHOULD.) mbj 3680d 18h 04m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
410 Draft 7 mbj 3682d 07h 29m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
409 Draft 6 mbj 3684d 04h 26m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
408 Update to Draft 5 and the date. drecordon 3693d 20h 43m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
407 Release candidate 5 mbj 3694d 06h 27m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
406 Release candidate 4 mbj 3696d 17h 40m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
405 Checked in current committee draft. This is the 23-Sep-08 version plus the changes that Yahoo had requested that we discussed on the list, and a name correction that I picked up from Johnny.

This draft is Release Candidate 3.
mbj 3704d 05h 45m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
404 Reverting to r379 since I've been working in parallel with Mike Jones on the editing tonight, last piece. jbufu 3704d 05h 54m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
403 Reverting to r379 since I've been working in parallel with Mike Jones on the editing tonight jbufu 3704d 05h 57m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
402 Publishing PAPE via XRDS is RECOMMENDED, not just advised. jbufu 3704d 06h 18m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
401 Only v2 messages must contain the namespace declararion; v1.1 messages use instead the literal "pape" alias as specified in the Conventions section jbufu 3704d 06h 25m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
400 For OpenID 2.0 messages the extension alias does not have to be the literal "pape". jbufu 3704d 06h 27m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
399 Checked in the (edited) XML draft posted by Mike Jones here:

The differences are:
- Kept the XML formatting / indenting of the previous draft
- Editorial comments were carried over from the previous draft (not sure if they were discussed and left out on purpose).
jbufu 3704d 06h 37m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
398 Fixed Jonathan's last name in the <author> entry jbufu 3704d 09h 52m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
380 Tag Draft 02 of PAPE drecordon 4042d 13h 25m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
379 Add Johnny and Jonathan as editors, change data to October, remove extra </t>, thank Barry Ferg and VeriSign. drecordon 4042d 13h 40m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
378 OP should do the brunt of the work. drecordon 4042d 14h 52m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
377 More wording cleanups and clarifications, some from Barry Ferg <>. drecordon 4043d 11h 09m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
376 Fixed spelling s/apendix/appendix/ jbufu 4043d 12h 54m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
375 Cleanup XML2RFC bugs, still not perfect yet. drecordon 4043d 13h 18m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
374 Move speculation to a note. drecordon 4043d 14h 56m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
373 s/SHALL try/SHOULD/ drecordon 4043d 15h 20m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
372 Note the OP should use its own discretion when max_auth_age is not present. drecordon 4043d 15h 24m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
370 Fixed some xml/rfc syntax jbufu 4050d 14h 57m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
369 Replaced auth_age with auth_time in the response.
jbufu 4050d 14h 58m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
368 auth_age in response applies to asserted policies rather than requested one.
jbufu 4050d 15h 16m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
367 Minor language changes cygnus 4054d 18h 17m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
366 Language clarification / cleanup in Abstract cygnus 4054d 18h 22m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/