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376 Fixed spelling s/apendix/appendix/ jbufu 3991d 02h 44m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
375 Cleanup XML2RFC bugs, still not perfect yet. drecordon 3991d 03h 08m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
374 Move speculation to a note. drecordon 3991d 04h 45m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
373 s/SHALL try/SHOULD/ drecordon 3991d 05h 10m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
372 Note the OP should use its own discretion when max_auth_age is not present. drecordon 3991d 05h 14m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
370 Fixed some xml/rfc syntax jbufu 3998d 04h 47m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
369 Replaced auth_age with auth_time in the response.
jbufu 3998d 04h 48m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
368 auth_age in response applies to asserted policies rather than requested one.
jbufu 3998d 05h 06m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
367 Minor language changes cygnus 4002d 08h 07m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/
366 Language clarification / cleanup in Abstract cygnus 4002d 08h 12m /provider_authentication_policy_extension/

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