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85 remove PHP log wnorris 3662d 12h 02m /
84 Checkin the current website (less some config files). drecordon 4167d 13h 00m /
83 Add a trunk drecordon 4168d 05h 49m /
82 Move the old site out of the root. drecordon 4168d 05h 53m /
81 Add an attic drecordon 4168d 06h 02m /
80 Add circulation drafts of IPR policy, process, and rationale. drecordon 4224d 06h 27m /
79 OpenID Authentication 2.0 Implementor Draft 12 drecordon 4262d 13h 51m /
78 Better highlighting the intro drecordon 4263d 09h 57m /
77 Fix my grammer, thanks Johnny! drecordon 4263d 10h 06m /
76 Remove smart quote drecordon 4263d 10h 12m /
75 Some new front page text since I got tired of hearing how much the existing page sucked. Thanks to Drummond Reed and Kaliya Hamlin for drafting some of this! drecordon 4263d 10h 14m /
74 Add AX Draft 7 drecordon 4274d 07h 25m /
73 OpenID Bootcamp drecordon 4287d 07h 32m /
72 JanRain added Yadis drecordon 4288d 05h 46m /
71 Remove duplicated row drecordon 4288d 05h 53m /
70 Add JanRain to the table drecordon 4288d 05h 54m /
69 Correct date for VeriSign drecordon 4292d 02h 03m /
68 Add section discussing IPR drecordon 4292d 02h 04m /
67 Some reordering on the specs page drecordon 4292d 02h 16m /
66 Add Simon's tech talk drecordon 4298d 23h 23m /

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